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Out of frame

This wednesday the challenge at Three Muses blog is Out of Frame,
this is what I made

credits: APP-dicted by Maya de Groot

keybord from Akay
(no birds)


I made this for Oscraps February Web inspiration challenge.

Ellen mentioned it fits the Three Muses Torso challenge, so I googled and found their blog.

The challenge is posted here on their blog and I´m going to check it out!


Are you a tablet lover, or do you have lots of apps on your mobile?
This is a perfect element pack for you.

APP-dicted by Maya de Groot designs

Perfect for a fun tablet layout, here's mine

Beyond Wonderland

SherrieJD has a wonderful new collection called Beyond Wonderland.
I'm not a specialist on the Alice subject so I'll show you what Sherrie has to say about it:

Beyond Wonderland began with the tiniest spark of inspiration while watching Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Now that it has finally emerged as a finished kit, everyone will quite possibly believe I have gone mad. Totally bonkers. Why? because my mind became overloaded with ideas and it just didn't seem quite right to STOP before I realized at least MOST of my ideas.

So my kit has gone BEYOND Wonderland to the very depths of Underland (and quite possibly madness.) I hope you enjoy this kit as much I did in the making of it.

The Whole Enchilada contains a total of 16 different products and provides the best price if you want to have your enchilada and eat it too. If the Whole Enchilada is just too much to consume, each product is available ala carte, as well as a few other combination specials. Be sure and take a p…